If you have health insurance other than Medicare or Medicaid, it is possible you are paying for unnecessary medical coverage on your car insurance policy! An easy way to save money on your auto insurance and eliminate this duplicate coverage is by selecting Health Care Primary on your auto insurance policy. When you select Health Care Primary, you designate your health insurance carrier as the primary source of medical coverage in the event that you are injured in a car accident.

After selecting Health Care Primary, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) premium could be reduced by up to 25% and you can deal with the same doctors you are comfortable with under your current health insurance plan.

Please note that if you have changes in your health care provider and/or employer you will be required to contact us to keep your auto insurance policy information up to date.

If you have any questions about selecting Health Care Primary on your auto insurance, please email me at rdevine@barclayinsurance.com and I will be happy to answer your questions.