Texting and Driving: Just Don’t Do It.

Did you know engaging in visual manual subtasks like reaching for and texting on a phone makes you three times more likely to get into an accident? In 2011 at least 23% or 1.3 million crashes involved cellphones. Most people think conversing with your friends or family while driving via text is no big deal but on average your attention will be removed from the road for a minimum of 5 seconds to send a text. Driving your car at 55mph being distracted for 5 seconds means you will cover the length of an entire football field before your attention returns to the road.

In 2012 there were 3,328 people killed and 421,000 people injured in crashes that were affected by distracted driving. Drivers in their 20’s make up 27% of the distracted drivers in fatal crashes. Texting while driving triples your risk of being in an accident. It is easy to get caught up in the moment while in a conversation with a loved one. However, rather than responding to their messages immediately your loved ones would probably prefer that you arrive at your destination safely. With all the crashes, injuries, and fatalities caused by distracted driving it is apparent that it is much safer to just wait to text.

Below is an app we recommend that can help you to practice safer driving and kick the habit of texting while driving.


Live2Txt is an Android™ app that allows you to block incoming texts and calls while driving. Turn the app “on” when you get behind the wheel, and you’ll silence your smartphone from incoming notifications, texts and calls. When you receive a message, the app will alert the sender with a customized message that you’re unable to respond at the moment.