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Welcome to The Barclay Group’s Equine Insurance Division! Our agency offers a wide range of policies for Agribusiness, Equine Mortality Insurance & More.

Kayley Kloss, our Equine Insurance expert has been closely involved with Horse Shows in New Jersey and has turned her love of Horses into a passion for helping you protect your animal and your investment. Kayley is extremely knowledgeable about the types of coverages required when dealing with horses and loves to answer questions and talk about the industry:

“As a professional in the business myself, I was ecstatic to become a part of The Barclay Group’s team. I love helping my fellow pros and horse owners with their insurance needs; my clients & I can relate because they are getting the insurance information from someone who knows their needs first hand.”

Coverage Available

Our agency offers coverage including but not limited to:

Equine Mortality – An Equine Mortality policy is the best way to protect your horse’s health & your investment in the event of accident, injury, illness or death.

Major Medical or Surgical Coverage – Coupled within a Mortality Policy, Major Medical or Surgical Coverage Includes but is not limited to Emergency Colic Surgery, Shockwave, Regenerative Therapies, Diagnostics, Ultrasound & More.

Farm/Estate Liability – Combines standard coverage offered by home insurance policy with commercial property & liability coverage.

Equine Business Liability – Covers bodily injury & property damage to third parties arising from equestrian activities. Commercial Farm Packages available.

Care, Custody, Control – Boarding, training, or sales, our agency offers coverage for most exposures.

Independent Trainers Liability – Coverage that protects trainers, riders, & equine professionals from alleged negligence & third party claims arising from insured’s equine activities.

We look forward to working with you on your Equine Insurance package. Please fill out our brief form below and Kayley will contact you soon!

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