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The Barclay Group insures many government entities including Municipalities, School Boards, Sewerage Authorities/MUAs, Fire Departments and Emergency Squads, and has been doing so for many years.
Our company’s understanding of the specific needs of public entities is what sets us apart from other agents in the area. Our team knows public entities require very specific coverages and will work with your team to make sure your entity is covered in the event of a disaster.


The Barclay Group has been the primary insurer of not only the town of Riverton where our corporate office is located, but also several other municipalities in the New Jersey area. We know that insuring a municipality can be expensive, so that is why our municipality team at The Barclay Group will always make sure you are properly covered and will strive to get you the most affordable coverage available.


Whether public or private, The Barclay Group’s School Insurance Division works closely with several insurance companies and Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs) to provide appropriate coverage for your school, teachers and students; reviewing exposures and providing advice to safety committees to minimize losses and plan for the future.
Our team has over 100 years combined experience dedicated to helping schools protect themselves against unexpected, devastating physical and fiscal losses and, at the same time, protecting your school’s limited budget with affordable and appropriate coverage. We currently insure more than 20 public and private schools and understand the complicated risks involved with running and protecting a school/district.

Your school can count on The Barclay Group for trusted expertise in making the right insurance choices for today’s complex school environments.

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