Micotek insurance Banner Manager with employees

With how important technology is to any business, having a specialist who can diagnose and fix a computer issues is crucial so your business can get back to operating as quick as possible in the event of a major technology issue. While it is crucial for businesses to have a specialist in mind, it is just as crucial for that specialist to make sure they are properly protected with an insurance policy in the event there is an issue in fixing the technology properly.

Another great reason to get a quote on MicroTek insurance today is to provide coverage in the event a client sues you for a wrongful act providing professional services. This is not necessarily the result of a mistake, but could simply be the client is not pleased with the work you performed.

To help make sure you and your small business are protected, a MicroTek insurance policy may be a good option. To start a MicroTek insurance quote visit our Contact Us page and call today!

A MicroTek policy has features including, but not limited to:

    • • Coverage for personal injury, failure to prevent unauthorized access or malicious code
      • $0 deductible on errors & omissions and general liability
      • Errors and Omissions limits available up to $5,000,000
      • Property extension sub limit for property in the insured’s care, custody or control
      • Wide range of technology professional classifications considered including custom software development, smart phone app development, computer repair, web site design, network support and consulting