Welcome to our Insurance Claims Center. Below you will find contact information for many of the companies we represent. We encourage you to report directly so your claim can be processed as quickly as possible.

If the information you seek is not below, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your claim.

Phone: 877-224-5677
Website: American Commerce Claims

Phone: 866-272-9267
Website: AMTrust Claims

Phone: 800-225-0770

Phone: 877-234-4420

Phone: 800-252-4670
Website: Chubb Claims

Phone: 877-262-2727
Website: CNA Claims

Phone: 800-232-6992
Website: Cumberland Claims

Phone: 800-342-5342

Phone: 800-588-7400

Phone: 800-498-0954
Website: Farmers of Salem Claims

Auto: 800-274-7865
All Other:800-527-3907
Website: Foremost Claims

Phone: 800-842-0551
Website: FMI Claims

Phone: 888-639-2567

Phone: 800-628-0250
Website: Hanover Claims

Phone: 800-892-8877
Website: Harleysville Claims

Phone: 877-445-5826

Personal: 800-243-5860
Commercial: 800-327-3636

Phone: 877-432-2277
Website: IFA Claims

Phone: 866-219-7100
Website: Liberty Mutual Claims

Workers Comp Claims: 888-860-6292
All Others: 888-860-6294

Phone: 800-322-8608
Website: Merchants Claims

Phone: 800-503-3724

Phone: 800-854-6011
Website: Metlife Claims

Phone: 800-225-2533
Website: Middle Oak Claims

Phone: 877-365-8693

Phone: 800-688-1825

Phone: 866-255-5530

Phone: 877-248-3455
Website: One Beacon Claims

Phone: 800-522-7152

Phone: 800-766-2245
Website: Penn National Claims

Phone: 800-437-3535
Website: Plymouth Rock Claims

Phone: 800-333-7642

Phone: 800-776-4737
Website: Progressive Claims

Phone: 800-332-3226

Phone: 973-459-4250

Phone: 866-455-9969
Website: Selective Claims

Phone: 800-252-4633
Website: Travelers Claims

Phone: 888-875-523
Website: USLI Claims

Phone: 800-456-4556

Phone: 800-216-1420
Website: Utica National Claims